Monday, June 16, 2014

Paper Pumpkin June 2014

Creativity in a box...Paper Pumpkin!

Hello all my paper crafting friends,

I am super excited that Stampin' Up! is now offering pre-paid subscriptions to Paper Pumpkin.  What is Paper Pumpkin?? Paper Pumpkin is a craft kit you get in your mailbox.  These kits can be cards, books and framed pictures just to name a few.  Each kit has a Stamp Spot (tiny ink pad) that are not sold in the catalogue anymore, and they never repeat the colour twice in a year.  The stamp sets are super exciting they are all photopolymer and they are exclusive to paper pumpkin, you can not buy them in the catalogue.  The only supplies you will need to finish the kits are scissors and adhesive, any special adhesive (glue dots) are included in the box.  

Paper Pumpkin is a great way to create with a friend or relative.  These kits are great for people who due to health reasons are stuck at home or in a nursing home.  There are 8 cards in the card kits, so you and your friend or relative can make a few projects each.  The kits are super easy to make and each kit has a great instruction sheet.  These are great for both experienced or new crafters.  These kits are also great for people who say "I would love to do paper crafting, but I have no time for crafts because of work, kids....." these kits only take 30 minutes to make and can be taken with you anywhere.       

You can join Monthly which is $28.19 (shipping and tax included) and the creative boxes will continue to come to your house once a month.  Or you can do a pre-paid subscription, 1 month is $28.19 (137858, shipping and tax included), 3 months is $84.58 (137859, shipping and tax included), 6 months is $162.38 (137860, shipping and tax included) and 12 month is $311.20 (137861,shipping and tax included).   Sign up using this link <a href="" target="_blank">Join Now!</a>
Please check out the pictures of some of the projects I have made using the Paper pumpkin      

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Two Years of Being a Demonstrator

Today I opened my mail box to receive this beautiful card.  I was very confused of why Stampin' Up! Canada was sending me a card, as it is not my Birthday!?!? Curios, I ripped it open.  I could not believe that it has been two exciting years since I have been an Independent Demonstrator with Stampin' Up!

I am so happy to share my projects with my class attendees, and teaching them step by step how to do different techniques.  Cardmaking and scrapbooking has brought my family closer together, it is so much fun spending time creating with them, laughing, and making memories.  Being a Demonstrator has also allowed me to make new friends, and to continue to create inspire, and share with old ones (old meaning long time, LOL).  Thank you for everyone who has supported me in the last  two years, and thank you so much for Stampin' Up Canada for reminding me of this huge accomplishment.