Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Customer Appreciation Party

I was extremely happy today to have seven of my customers over for a Customer Appreciation Pizza Party.  Although all of my customers are very special to me, the party celebrated the eight customers who have made orders almost every month and who have come to just about every class this year.  These ladies have truly made my Stampin' Up! business successful in 2015. Thank you to Rita, Rosemary, Elaine, Jane, Doris, Sue, Shelley and Hanna.   

 We played some great games that I had some great prizes for including The Right and Left Game, The Easy Adding Game, My own Private Island, Pass The Gift, and last but not least The Card Making Challenge.

  On January 5th 2016 Mrs Right went to Mrs Left’s house to have a Stampin’ Up! party.  Mrs Left was so excited because today they would learn some new card making techniques.  When Mrs. Right got to Mrs. Lefts house, Mrs. Left invited her to sit down at her table and offered her a beverage.  The Demonstrator started by giving Mrs. Left a hostess gift and explained to both Mrs. Left and Mrs. Right that a hostess could receive free items if she had a qualifying order.  Mrs. Left was very excited as she had a very long list of items she hoped to get free.  The Demonstrator also explained that Mrs. Left picked a great time to invite Mrs. Right over to have a Stampin’ Up! party as Sale-A-Bration had just started.  If Mrs. Left had a party sales of $330 not only would she get 10% in free merchandise she also would get $35 extra to spend.  She also explained that when Mrs. Right ordered $60 or more she would also get a free item from the Sale-a-Bration brochure.  Mrs. Left also wondered what benefits she would receive if she joined Stampin’ Up! Mrs. Left thought it would be nice to get together with Mrs. Right all the time to create cards and receive a 20% discount on Stampin’ Up! products.  The demonstrator explained that because it was Sale-a-Bration if Mrs. Left became a demonstrator she would make up her own personal kit of $195 of products and only pay $125, that’s $70 of free products!!!  The Demonstrator left Mrs. Left and Mrs Right with a lot to ponder.  Mrs. Left suddenly yelled out “I’m joining right now, sign me up!

My Private Island is a fun game that I found with a search on the Internet.  The participants have a paper and pen and draw while closing there eyes.   I tell them the items to draw including a palm tree, island, money etc.

The wonderful part of this game is that every time the participants finish drawing they have to touch their nose with the pen.  Of course it confuses everyone!!!! 

The last game we played was the Card Making Challenge.  I had a card in a brown envelope that no one could see and using the card supplies I gave to them they had to make a card that looked as similar to mine as possible. Who ever was the most similar got the prize.  Here are the ladies at work...

These are the beautiful creations they came up with.  

The ladies left today with a little thank you package with some Stampin' Up! products.  It was heart warming to talk with the ladies and have them thank me when I was truly thankful for them and what they have done for my Stampin' Up! business.  I am truly a blessed demonstrator to have such loyal customers who share with me card ideas, stories and so much laughter. Thank you!