Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kitchener Stampin' Up! Conference Part 2

The second part of the Conference was funnier than the first.  Dale and three talented Demonstrators talked during our Business session, they made us giggle!.  Denise Donald, Margie Stares and I got our picture taken with Dale.

For the second part of our day we received the Ornamental Pine Stamp Set.

Margie, Shirley, Sue and I sat together, and we played games competing for prizes, our team was called the Creative Cougars.

                     We got a picture taken with our extended Stampin' Up! Family

We then got to make a card and a box.

         I swapped cards with many demonstrators, next time I know to make more cards.

                                  The table decorations were great, cute pumpkins and trees.

After the party Margie, Shirley and I went for a swim.  We ended off the day celebrating Margie's Birthday at Red Lobster.

Fun Times at the Kitchener Stampin' Up! Conference 2014 PART1

I had a blast this weekend talking, sharing and creating with my Stampin' Up! friends. Its best that I share more with pictures then with words so here we go.......

                                                      First Day of Kitchener Conference

                                                We made a box with three little cards.

                                          They had 9 prize petrols and I won a Tag a Bag kit. 

I did the morning session alone so sat with two ladies I did not know. They were wonderful to create with.

                                                     I found out that Dale is a boy, LOL! 
                      Dale Hampshire is the General Manager of our Canadian office in Calgary. 

                                           We did a drawing blindfolded and I did really well!

                                                  Dale gave us a goodie bag with treats. 

     I took a few pictures of cards for the Card Contest, I put my beach umbrella card in, I hope I win! 

                                             We got the Wood Mount Happy Winter stamp set. 

                                              And we got a nice burgundy bag to put it all in. 

                                I ended off my day having fish and chips with Margie and Shirley.